“Plus-Sized Girls Are Eager To Please”: Dismantling A Steaming Turd

Earlier this week, my friend Adam Avitable hateshared an article on Facebook called “15 Thoughts Every Guy Has When Dating A Bigger Woman”, published on a platform called TheRichest (really? no y’all not.)

As you can imagine, people of all genders and sizes saw the title, clicked the bait, and got heated (myself included.) If I make it to 100 years old, the secret to longevity that I’ll share with the world in my Times article will surely be, “I made it a point to get mad about something on the internet every single day.”

In the midst of my #FeministRage, I knew this toilet-clogging wordlog needed to be expertly torn apart, and who better to do it than I, a not-size-0 person who has been striving toward unattainable weight loss goals for almost 10 years? #TheHeroGothamNeeds

The piece is now mysteriously gone from TheRichest’s absolutely-not-rich-at-all website, presumably because the lone female employee got a look at it, murdered the author (a man named Jim Hogue, with whom no one should ever engage in sexual intercourse), and threatened a sexual harassment lawsuit if it wasn’t immediately scrubbed from existence. But thanks to the magic of Google Cache, I can still drown in a maelstrom of hate over something that technically no longer exists. Thanks, The Internet!

Without further ado, here are some screencaps from The Worst Thing I’ve Seen This Month, Which Is Saying Something Considering The Month Ends Tomorrow: “15 Thoughts Every Guy Has When Dating A Bigger Woman” by Jim Hogue, who apparently cannot count higher than the number 15 (probably because that is his secret age)(and with whom no one should ever engage in sexual intercourse)(especially if he is, as I suspect, a minor).
Let me begin by saying: Jim, are you sure we can’t convince you to write poetry?

Picture it scribbled on a napkin in your freshman dining hall and left on a table for two:

Lots of times you see a guy/
he could be normal sized or he/
could be overweight himself

*sheds single tear*

Anyway, let’s get to the underlying issue, which is this: when Jim sees a man walking happily with a woman whose thighs have a greater circumference than his dick, he feels sorry for the dude. Is it really because fatties are gross, or because of the crushing loneliness in which his shitass worldview has prompted him to exist? WHY WILL NO ONE HOLD JIM’S HAND?


Ashley Graham, JESUS, could you PLEASE stop blowing up Jim Hogue’s phone. How many times does he have to tell you? Unlike these other desperate CHUBBY CHASERS, Jim is just not willing to prioritize “happiness over appearance”, and he will not take your call even when he is done sending pleading, comma-less emails to Kate Moss. #ThirstyForJim


“14. My Girl Can Cook”maybe

This article is 2,502 words long. It could have been… *counts words in above sentence*… 17.

“12. It Is Good For His Confidence”


Some guys. HAHA, NOT ME THO! Definitely not me! I get so much… *discreetly looks at word written on palm* …vageema! HA! Bitches, amirite????? *chokes back sob*”


“10. They Are Easy To Talk To”


Last month, I was roadtripping home from a wedding and stopped in a mid-Florida McDonald’s for some hangover nuggets. While I was waiting for my order, an older gentleman sat down at my booth with me, complimented my hair/nail polish/toenail polish, and launched into a 5-minute story about his recent career change/health problems/grandchild (whom he loves very much). IT’S BECAUSE I SKIPPED THE GYM LAST WEEK, ISN’T IT?

no no no.gif

“8. The Cuddling Is The Best”


a) Fact:”Overweight women should hire themselves out as professional cuddlers” is the sentence most likely to be found in the secret diary of a serial killer!
b) It’s likely that Jim Hogue tries to sit next to bigger women on the subway so he can take a gentle nap on their breasts. They “are always willing!” The police report and brief probationary period were just one big misunderstanding!
c) …is your brother ok 😦 why so much snuggling 😦 can somebody check on him 😦


It’s not til 11 long-winded, brutally oblivious entries later that we get a look at what the fuck is actually Jim’s problem.

“6. There Is Less Pressure On How You Look”


Jim-ese to Basic English translation: “Bro, you remember when I was dating that bitch Jessica who always complained about the dumbest shit? Like, ‘Take a shower, Jim, it’s been 3 weeks’ and ‘You’ve been wearing those sweatpants since Christmas morning and they’re falling apart’ and ‘Maybe we could have dinner together sometime this month instead of you going to Burger King and eating by yourself at 10pm?’? Man, I don’t know what her problem was. Must’ve been that she was a size 2. Never stick your dick in crazy, amirite???”

Basic English to Intuitive English Translation: “I am so alone. Do you wanna snuggle, man? My 12-year-old brother is at school.”


Jim, if I’m reading you correctly, several women of varying sizes have probably told you to fuck right off in your lifetime, and while you probably deserved it, I’m sorry if it made you sad. Regardless, there’s no need take your hurt feefees and turn them into a 15-item thinkpiece, generalizing one of your shittiest opinions to every living, bepenised human being.

I realize this is hypocritical coming from a person who just wrote an angry 1,000 word response to a shitty 2,500 word thinkpiece, when instead, this post could have consisted of a single screencap:


Am I a size 6? No.

Would I lie and say I’ve never eaten an entire pizza by myself? Nah.

Do I, or any other women, care what the fuck Jim Hogue thinks?


bitch bye.gif


  1. Jessica Maynard-Gilbert · June 29, 2016

    I saw Adam’s post & the reactions to it but wouldn’t dignify it with a click to the article. But YOU my lovely are awesome! I am laughing like crazy and thank you for pulling the ridiculous out. WTF was he thinking!!! Seriously…what?!? Obviously, not too much!
    That said, generalizations and judgments get us no where. This is proof of it. #1-I DONT know how to cook so I would completely let ya down there bro! This is like me looking at a couple & saying he must be good in bed or be filthy rich to be with that girl. I don’t think there is a way to spin that statement to be kind or loving or making a good contribution to the world. And to guise this list in a way that appears that any of it could be a compliment to plus-size women…again with the WTF are you thinking dude!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carly's Into That · June 29, 2016

    Thanks so much for reading, doll! I totally was mad that I’d donated a click to this loser, but once I had, I figured he deserved a detailed explanation of all the reasons he sucks. Stereotypes like these are useless- I know women (and men!) of all shapes and sizes who are both awesome and terrible cooks! And no person is “easy to talk to” because of their size… if this asshole thinks he can just strike up a conversation with any “bigger woman” he wants and she’ll be glad for the attention, he’s going to have a very rude awakening. It’s kind of like when men say “you’re not like other girls!” as a compliment- shitty, because I love other girls! Other girls are wonderful! I want to be like them!


  3. Miss Kitten · July 1, 2016

    I shared the original article with friends on facebook and several of them thought it might have been a joke. I mean it was a joke of a post, that’s for sure. Someone actually wrote a 2,500 word thinkpiece attempting to reassure men that it’s “okay” to date heavier women. (In other words, “Fatties: Well, some guys like ’em, I guess”) I agree that there’s a distinct possibility that the writer is no longer alive. Hopefully he was murdered by a group of men who were pissed off that this asshat basically told them that the ONLY reason they would ever date a heavier woman is because they can’t get anyone “better.” And it gives them permission to be a slob and treat women like shit, you know because larger women have absolutely no standards, and they’re are so grateful that someone would condescend to go out with them, they’ll put up with anything. I seriously believe the article pissed off more men than women.


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