Do y’all remember how the right responded BOTH times that Obama was elected? With hatred. With anger. With battlecries of “he’s not MY president!!!”. Many of them were probably told “Oh hush, you’ll be fine.” And you know what? For 8 years, they WERE fine. They ARE fine. Angry conservative white men have never been more fine.

As a white woman, I will also be mostly “fine” during the next four years (unless Trump starts a nuclear war, or I’m drafted into the Official Mike Pence White Baby Factory and forced to give birth to children I don’t want because #Jesus.)

Unlike after Obama’s win, many people who are terrified today WILL NOT BE FINE. Racial and religious minorities. The LGBT community. Immigrants. Women, especially women who belong to the aforementioned groups. Last night, America told people in these groups (as our next Commander in Chief has said many times on the record) to go fuck themselves. Their (our) rights don’t matter anymore, and if this doesn’t horrify you, I can’t help you.

I’ve seen some posts on social media this morning saying “Hug a Trump voter today! They know not what they’ve done to themselves!” and to the people posting that, I genuinely ask: are you out of your fucking minds? Do not ask me to hug a person who is too goddamn stupid to realize that their selfishness has fucked over the entire country, including *gasp!* themselves. The horror!

I’ve also seen many posts in the past few months to the effect of “I won’t defriend anyone over politics! You’re entitled to your opinions!” While it’s nice that some people feel that way, I totally disagree. This is not “politics”- it is basic human decency. If you voted for Trump, you voted against the safety of people that I love, against my (and every woman’s) right to bodily autonomy, against a free fucking press in America. So please: if you voted for Trump and I missed you in my thorough Facebook deforestation, sashay the fuck over to the ol’ Book, locate the Unfriend button, and smash it hard. Be sure to unfriend me in real life as well. I plan on surviving, and doing my best to help others survive, the disastrous mess that we’re in for because of you. I’d rather do it without you.



  1. avitable · November 9, 2016

    What blows my mind is how defensive and selective they are. “Oh, he didn’t mean those things.” But he meant all the things that he said that made you vote for him? Which is it? He either meant what he said or he didn’t, and either way, your vote for him is an affront to humanity.


  2. Carly's Into That · November 9, 2016

    Or: “So he he said some bad things- but actions speak louder than words!” You fuckers. HE HAS BOTH SAID AND DONE *AWFUL* THINGS.


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